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About Us / Campus


''Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.''​

College campus is spread over 25 acres and the open areas are coverd by different -plants -ornamentals, medicinal, timber & fruiting like Alstonia, Cassia, Fistula, Terminatia, Chebula, Eucalyplis, Eugenia, Guajava indica, Tbellerica, Tectona grandis, Azadirachta, Hibiscus, Tabernaemontana, Rosa etc.

Environmental Committee

Enviromental committee of the college arranges lectures on various aspects of enviroment by different NGO’s to motivate Students to protect and improve the enviroment. Apart from the campus the committee is working with the help of nearby residents to develop a green belt from the college upto old chungi.

“The college is playing a major role in the field of enviroment. In the wake of globle warming and increase in deforestation. Our college has taken various steps to improve the environment.”